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6 Reasons Why You Need a Kimono - no matter your shape or size

When I first started thinking about the kind of clothing that I wanted to sell at The Bohemian Yogi I knew I wanted to include kimonos.

There's a certain exotic mystery that surrounds a kimono, that once donned, automatically turns the wearer into a creature of beauty and intrigue.

A borrowed treasure

I've had many kimonos but the one that springs to mind as a favourite was one that never even belonged to me. My friend found it at a vintage sale, it was shortish (it covered the bum but short for a kimono), black silk, with an enormous multi-coloured Chinese dragon embroidered on the back, and a black silk belt.

When I first set eyes on it my draw dropped, it really was a thing of great beauty and I was immediately envious. "Hey Han you can borrow it whenever you like",  my generous friend said - and I did.

1 Versatile

I wore it with everything, because it went with everything. In winter I'd wear it over a polo neck and jeans and then over a maxi dress on a summer's evening. They're so versatile that they become the go-to item for most occasions - if ever I was struggling for something to wear it was my best friend.

I wore it so much and on so many occasions that if that kimono could talk, it could sure tell a story or two. But there comes a time in all friendships where you have to return the borrowed item if you're to remain friends, and I remember my wardrobe grieved considerably.

2 Intriguing

The kimono has a rich and colourful history and was worn both by Samurai's and ancient queens that we don't really know a lot about, apart from they were strong and powerful and lived in faraway foreign lands.

3 EVERYONE looks great

Nowadays kimonos come in all different designs but I've yet to meet anyone who does not look great wearing one, no matter their shape or size. They're incredibly flattering - we can cover up the bits we might not want to show or define our figure further by tying a belt snugly around the waist.

4 Timeless

Kimonos are a classic wardrobe item, they are never in fashion and they are never out of fashion, they are simply a wardrobe staple and always will be - they date back to 797 AD so they've been around 1300 years.

5 Graceful

The kimono originated in Japan and is still today often inspired with oriental fabrics and embroidery that gives us a sense of luxury, feminine decadence and Hollywood glamour that we can inject into our everyday lives.

6 Last but by no means least

Kimonos are SO comfortable - light, airy and gently skimming the body in all the right places.

So that my dear friends, is why I love kimonos so much. I'd love to hear your kimono stories if you have any.

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Love and Kindness
Hannah x

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